Friday, November 6, 2009 at 07:02AM
Dodd Vickers

During a recent public appearance at which he announced the end of his search for Yorkshire's best banger, Paul Daniels said that he was done with TV. 

 “TV is all rubbish these days. I can’t watch it anymore and see all these talentless people being exploited.”

But wife Debbie, 51, who has appeared on celebrity X Factor and Wife Swap with her husband, said she would continue her TV work and was appearing on BBC1 game show Hole In The Wall tomorrow.

Daniels award for Yorkshire and Humberside’s best sausage maker was presented to butcher Simon Haigh, "who recently beat 240 other butchers to the ‘Banger of the Year’ title, was handed the regional prize for the most magical banger – a humble pork sausage."


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