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Wonder Thunder

Episode #1 : Why saw a woman in half? What is the connection between a deck of cards & the calendar. Remote card location.

Episode #2: Espionage, jealousy & murder among magicians. Adam calls his arch nemesis Richard Vegas.

Episode #3:The first aircraft pilot down under was a magician and a live random number challenge via phone.

Episode #4: Bar stunts, Alice Cooper as a magician and magic used in pop concerts.


The Man in the Iron Mask Escapes

Iron MaskMuch like the many challenges faced by Houdini during his career as an escapologist, British magician Danny Hunt was dared by a local fabricator to escape from a contraption or original design. In an article from the Scarborough Evening News, Chris Deighton, manager of Nor-Wal Fabrications said, "I thought I could make something which he would find hard to get out of so I made the mask for him. It is very heavy and when I made it I thought there was no chance he could get out of here." Hunt was first padlocked into the mask then handcuffed. He agreed to wear the mask for a full twenty four hours if he failed to free himself from all constraints in under five minutes. Two minutes and forty five seconds later, he was free.
  1. ARTICLE ::  Head-turning feat from man in iron mask

Don't You Want to Fool Your Friends?

Mike Prestby tells the Times Republican that he's always been mesmerized by magic. The release of his new book "Magic Tricks to Fool Your Friends" is the subject of the article in which the former youth pastor and juvenille detention tracking supervisor is interviewed. Discussing his lifelong passion for the craft, Mike says, ‘‘I know that if you find something you love it’s not a job. And I love this. I still love the looks of astonishment, the question, 'How did you do that?' ''
  1. ARTICLE ::  Mason City magician full of tricks

Jillette Vanishes from Dancing with the Stars

Magician Penn Jillette was revealed as one of the first competitors to be eliminated from the popular celebrity competition Dancing with the Stars. During the episode, the Las Vegas Magician staged a mock protest in front of the audience saying, "I want to be clear, we are not giving up. We're going to rehearse all week, and we will be back there dancing in the parking lot." In an interview on Good Morning America, the 6 foot 6-inch-tall Penn joked, "It's very odd to be doing this the best way you can with somebody and not be able to see them. You know, Kym's here"pointing to his chest.  In other articles he discussed physical limitations which he felt contributed to his loss. "Both of my feet are broken and that's true. I broke one in high school. And I broke one in '83 on stage at the Roxie; so, each of them is broken. I'm also huge. I'm the biggest person that's ever been on the show in terms of weight and height." Penn lost fifty pounds before joining the show's cast.
  1. ARTICLE :: Seles, Jillette Booted From 'DWS'  

Death Defying Movie

Death Defying ActsOne can only wonder if Harry Houdini would recognize himself in the new film from Gillian Armstrong starring Guy Pierce and Catherine Zeta Jones. Having only opened in Australia to date, one must rely on such reviews as appear at ABC North Australia. According to the reviewer, "The two strands are melded together by a rather unbelievable romance plot. Zeta Jones and Pearce do have a chemistry together, that's not the problem. It's more to do with a script which seems to take Houdini for a love sick fool who's entranced in an instant by a woman who doesn't care for him until he performs some magic tricks, like making coins disappear and balancing off high buildings. It's all a little corny. And the sad thing is that there's the kernel of a very exciting story, or stories, buried within it."
  1. ARTICLE :: Death Defying Acts 
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Pamela Anderson Gets Burned

Numerous articles on the net are reporting that Pamela Anderson was injured while assisting Illusionist Hans Klok during a performance in Berlin. Pam said, "I got scorched and I think I may have thrown a rib out. There's one trick... where the spikes go through the box and it got really close and I ended up going backstage and going, 'Woo, that was close. ' " Pam and Klok worked together for much of 2007 until their Las Vegas show "The Beauty of Magic" was canceled in December.  One of the illusions from that show can be seen in the video below. READ:: Pamela Anderson Injured and Scorched while Assisting Hans Klok 








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