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Wonder Thunder

Episode #1 : Why saw a woman in half? What is the connection between a deck of cards & the calendar. Remote card location.

Episode #2: Espionage, jealousy & murder among magicians. Adam calls his arch nemesis Richard Vegas.

Episode #3:The first aircraft pilot down under was a magician and a live random number challenge via phone.

Episode #4: Bar stunts, Alice Cooper as a magician and magic used in pop concerts.

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In the Blackpool Gazette, Blackpool Convention organizer Derek Lever comments on Paul Daniels statements regarding the seaside town.

"Derek Lever, chairman of the club, said: "He is not welcome in Blackpool and we will not be inviting him. We don't want him in Blackpool, he is a has-been. He has been doing the same electric hair routine for 40 years and it's time he got up-to-date. We have the real stars coming to the convention, we have David Blaine, people like that. We recently had the president and vice president of Federation of International Stage Magicians FISM come over to Blackpool to look at The Grand, at The Opera House and the Tower Circus and they were really impressed.  It's their opinions we listen to and respect, not someone whose shows in Blackpool had to be cancelled due to lack of ticket sales."