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Mac King remembers his first run in Las Vegas at a backyard Barbeque that the Magic Newswire was lucky enough to get an insider's view of last night. In the Las Vegas Sun, Mac reflects on his first Las Vegas gig at the Maxim and his current ten year run at Harrah's.

From his own press release, Ten Years of the Mac King Comedy Magic Show translates to :

  • 2,600 days of plaid suits worn
  • 15,600 feet of rope used for King's famous rope trick
  • 270,400 playing cards
  • 15,600 magically appearing fig newton pastries
  • And 26,000 audience volunteers!

“Two months, that was my run,” King remembered Sunday afternoon during backyard party that seemed like a neighborhood shindig if your neighbors are Penn Jillette, Rita Rudner and even Burton. “When that happened, I was extremely nervous.”

King had no Plan B, but did have two months to pitch his show from the lame-duck property. The arrangement proved advantageous, as King didn’t have to haul his trunk of tricks into the offices of entertainment directors around the city. He let the game come to him and so impressed Harrah’s officials that they offered him an afternoon spot at the hotel where he still performs — that being Harrah’s.

Sunday’s party ostensibly was to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of King’s professional residency at Harrah’s, but it mostly was just a party to hang with one of the city’s genuinely good guys and a fine entertainer. He’s still the star of one of the best per-dollar-value shows in town, performing at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. daily (dark Sundays and Mondays). He has a new “Suitcase O’ Magic” trick kit for kids out, and a new book titled “Mac King’s Campfire Magic,” which is 50 tricks to perform while camping (the illustration on the cover shows King with a couple of kids and a monkey, and that can mean only one thing: party).

King long has made the afternoon show the center of his little entertainment galaxy. “I’m happy just where I am,” he says. “I do my show during the day and I have time to do all my other projects, and this.” At that, he motioned to the dozens of guests in his back yard.

Where does the Magic Newswire enter into this event? Stay tuned to the next episode of the "This Week in Magic Podcast" and you'll see... and hear for that matter!