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It is with great sadness that I tell you of the passing of another legendary magician, the incomparable Frank Brent.

From Michael Lee:

It is with profound Sadness that I report the passing of my dear friend, Frank Brents of Louisville, KY. (1926-2010)  Frank was recognized as America's  Black Magician.
Frank Brents was recognized as a noted dove worker, and is best remembered by the public as the Duck Magician having vanished Geronimo the Duck world wide for more than 30 years. Frank never ceased to win over any audience with his winning smile.
 (In this day and age where everything is incredibly accessible on DVD or the internet, Frank learned his craft the old fashioned way- trial and error, sweat, failure and brushing yourself off and doing it yet again. In my book, this is a Pro.)
Frank unselfishly gave of his time and knowledge to myself as well as  many of the younger performers here in the NY area. He was a wealth of knowledge and information and  always delightful company. Frank always had a solution no matter when or what time I called. 
As a performer, Frank toured the world for more than 40 years, making numerous apperances on the popular Captain Kangaroo TV show, the Olympia Theater in Paris- performing with such performers of note as Shimada, Norm Nielson. There were numerous tours of Europe including one of over 48 cities as well as extended bookings at the top hotels in South Africa
Frank  believed that his greatest triumph was a command performance for Princess Grace and Prince Ranier of Monaco. (the show program of this event would make any of today's greats drool.)
 Lance Burton was also acquainted with fellow Louisville-an Frank Brents, as Frank sent Lance a postcard from Europe while on tour that Lance still treasures all these years later. Many yrs later Lance returned the favor by introducing Frank during his performance at the Monte Carlo Hotel a touching moment. 
Now retired, Frank continued to teach magic lessons to summer camp classes as   well as performing walkaround at local restaurants in the NY area. 
 I spoke with Frank literally hours before his passing, and right up to the end, Frank's love of magic was obvious, so much so that he was delaying going to the hospital because he was waiting for the mail to arrive, as he ordered a couple of new magic books. That was the Frank Brents that I knew and loved.
Right up until the end, Frank was working on a new, unique and novel presentation of the Magic Square, that he was extremely proud of.
A memorial will be put together in Frank's honor when I find out more information from Frank's family, and as soon as details are finalized  I will let everyone in the magic community know.
In the meantime, please take a moment to say a prayer for the loss of a great gentleman and a very gifted performer.
It is with EXTREME SADNESS that I report this to the magic community. 
Frank- you are in my heart and prayers. 
Rest in peace my friend,
Michael Lee