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Wonder Thunder

Episode #1 : Why saw a woman in half? What is the connection between a deck of cards & the calendar. Remote card location.

Episode #2: Espionage, jealousy & murder among magicians. Adam calls his arch nemesis Richard Vegas.

Episode #3:The first aircraft pilot down under was a magician and a live random number challenge via phone.

Episode #4: Bar stunts, Alice Cooper as a magician and magic used in pop concerts.


ANDY NYMAN AS KICK ASS VILLAIN is reporting that British magician and actor Andy Nyman has been cast to play a villian in the upcoming sequel to "Kick Ass." His character, Tumour, is a member of Red Mist's gang of super villians "The Toxic Mega Cunts." Filming is scheduled to begin next week. 

As a magician, andy performs as The Tabletop Grifter, wrote the sell out book "Bullet Proof" and is one of the co-writers and creators of the TV shows Derren Brown - Mind Control & Trick of the Mind. He recently co wrote and co directed 'Derren Brown – Live', 'Derren Brown – Something Wicked This Way Comes', Derren Brown - An Evening of Wonders and the current live show, 'Derren Brown - Enigma'. All four of the shows have enjoyed sell-out UK tours and West End runs.